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Special Issue Proposals:

The journal of RESM is open to proposals for special issues on emerging related topics. More info is here.

Special Issue Proposal

The journal of RESM is open to proposals for special issues on emerging topics related to the fields given in scope of the journal.

  • A team including expert researchers or a person may propose a topic and apply for guest editor status.
  • The guest editor team may be a group of 2 or 3 people. If a group is proposed, the proposal should indicate how the work will be divided.
  • The proposed guest editor(s) should have demonstrated expertise on the topic being proposed.
  • Them guest editorial team should include researchers with a h-index around 15 per Google Scholar. (This may be disregarded for emerging topics with high current scientific interest.)
  • The proposal should include a resume/CV for each proposed guest editor and web addresses of their Google Scholar pages.
  • The proposal should demonstrate that the topic is one of current interest to technical and professional practitioners or researchers, or to the engineering community in general. Inclusion of objective evidence like numbers of recent studies and citations obtained from scientific indexes are preferable. (This may not be possible for emerging fields/topics)
  • Proposals should include a suggested title, timeline, information on the number of expected papers and a draft call for submissions for the special issue.

Common Mistakes in Special Issue Proposals

Some proposals are submitted with flaws that preclude their acceptance and lead to the waste of the time of both the proposing party and journal Editorial Committee. In order to prevent such instances, the below given remarks may be considered:

  • Proposals missing required data such as information on guest editors given at fifth point or information on special issue given at the last point of the above list.
  • Proposals on a too general subject which lacks a in depth focus of current interest.
  • Proposals with a team of guest editors without the qualifications given at the second and third point of the above list.
  • Proposals without sufficient data on demonstrating the scientific or technical importance and high interest on the suggested topic.

 To submit a proposal, please send the above given information to the

Please note that reviewing for special issues must follow the same open and transparent review process as for all other papers submitted to the journal. The decisions of the guest editors may be audited and overruled by the journal editors.

Responsibilities of guest editor:

  • circulating the call for papers for the special issue and invite submissions.
  • managing submissions to the special issue in the journal system (the web-based journal management system) including assigning reviewers, collecting reviews, communicating with authors, making editorial decisions of acceptance, decline and revisions.
  • obtaining at least three subject experts as reviewers per submission and can make a final decision based on two review results.
  • coordination of the editorial process in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief.
  • meeting deadlines and deliver the final project as scheduled.
  • conducting all business with reviewers, authors, and editorial staff in ethical and professional manners.
  • editing final drafts.
  • submission of edited final drafts and copyright forms to editor-in-chief through journal system.


20/04/2024 Collaboration for HSTD-2024Editorial Board of our journal and Organizing Committee of the III. International Conference on High-Speed Transport Development (HSTD) have agreed to collaborate. Extended versions of the selected papers from the conference will be published in our journal. For more see Events.

20/04/2024 Collaboration for DSL2024-SS1Editorial Board of our journal and Organizing Committee of the DSL2024 Fluid Flow, Energy Transfer & Design (SS1) have agreed to collaborate. Extended versions of the selected papers from the session will be published in our journal. For more see Events. .

8/12/2023 Special Issue: Embark on a journey of innovation with the journal of Research on Engineering Structures and Materials as we unveil a compelling opportunity for contributors in our upcoming special issue, "Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing of Composite Vehicle Structures." Led by distinguished Guest Editors Liubov Gavva and Oleg Mitrofanov from Moscow Aviation Institute. For more info see the link.

(More details of the news may be given in the News section)

For more see News...


2023 Reviewer Awards:

Please, visit Reviewer Awards section for the winners of the 2022 RESM reviewer awards.

2023 Best Paper Award:

The paper authored by Ferzan Fidan, Naim Aslan, Mümin Mehmet Koç entitled as “Morpho-structural and compressive mechanical properties of graphene oxide reinforced hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone tissue applications” is awarded.

2023 Most Cited Paper Award:

The paper authored by Ercan Işık, Ehsan Harirchian, Hüseyin Bilgin, Kirti Jadhav entitled as “The effect of material strength and discontinuity in RC structures according to different site-specific design spectra" is awarded.


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